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The Survey Association Ltd (SAC), established in 1914, is a leading global marine survey supplier, that has been providing support and marine expertise for more than 100 years

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Why Choose Us? Global reach, Local response!

Whenever, or wherever you need assistance, we will be there.  We offer 24/7 support, have a global presence, and have experts in all fields within the marine survey industry

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Marine Risk Management
& Consultancy

The direct cost and consequences of hull and machinery damages are obvious to both the marine insurer and the client.

& Renewable Energy

The marine industry and the other offshore activities are dependant that the individual operations can be approved by a third party. 

& Condition Surveying

Whenever, wherever damage occurs to a vessel, machinery and/or cargo, it is imperative to seek immediate assistance.



Is Survey Association
ISO:9001 certified?

Yes Survey Association is ISO 9001:2015 certified, as one of the first companies in the industry.

Is Survey Association
a pre-qualified supplier? 

Yes we are, we are pre-qualified within both Sellihca and Connexio.


What are Associates and how do you ensure that they meet Survey Associations standards?

Associates are trusted freelance surveyors, who operate under Survey Association’s Professional Liability insurance and within the company’s QA standards and framework when instructed through Survey Association