1)  Is Survey Association ISO:9001 certified?   

Yes Survey Association is ISO 9001:2015 certified, as one of the first companies in the industry.

2)  How does Survey Association ‘pick the right man for the job’? 

All surveyors, both staff and associate surveyors are mapped in accordance to their competences to ensure that the suitably qualified surveyor is handing a job

3)  Is it possible for Survey Association to attend worldwide? 

We have a global network of associates and together with the client, the job is assessed to identify the best suited surveyor, be it a local or one from Copenhagen who is deployed.

4)  What are Associates and how do you ensure that they meet Survey Associations standards?

Associates are trusted freelance surveyors, who operate under Survey Association’s Professional Liability insurance and within the company’s QA standards and framework when instructed through Survey Association


5)  Do you have a minimum ‘damage-size’ for Survey Association to attend?

We will often jointly with the customer evaluate if a damage is of a size and complexity that warrants a professional surveyor attending or if it is something that can be handled via a desktop review. 

6)  Is Survey association a pre-qualified supplier 

Yes we are, we are pre-qualified within both Sellihca and Connexio.

7)  Is Survey Association a member of IMCA?

The company is a long standing member of IMCA with an aligned aim to improve performance across the marine contracting industry.