Whenever, wherever damage occurs to a vessel, machinery and/or cargo, it is imperative to seek immediate assistance in order to have the damage surveyed and documented.

We always act in the best interests of our Clients and provide detailed survey
so that important decisions can be made and business can continue in the safest and quickest way possible.

We provide:

Damage Surveys

  • The surveys are conducted so as to estimate the extent and cost of repairs or loss resulting from an accident, vandalism or theft.  Survey Association Ltd shall also recommend the repairs required and can be commissioned to supervise these repairs.
  • Damage Surveys can, on request, entail
    • Hull and machinery
    • Identification of cause of accident (root cause)
    • Identification of damages and estimated costs and time for repair
    • Call in for tenders, yard quotations.
    • Arrange salvage, call in salvor to quote for the assignment
    • Salvage vessel safely and repair damages
    • Technical perusal of damages costs
    • Delivery of vessel to owner
  • The primary obligation for Survey Association is to handle the damages applying optimal cost control; hence the Technical Perusal

Technical perusals

  • Survey Association performs a Technical Perusal with the propose of identifying the split of cost of the damage.

Loss of hire surveys

  • Loss investigation and expert opinion

Tender Specification

  • Provide you with the specifications of the repair work that needs to be carried out.

Inquiries for quotation

  • Handle and take care of all inquiries needed to obtain the best possible price for and quality of the repair work

Follow up on repairs

  • Once repair work has been carried out, we can check up on the repair work and ensure affected operation runs smoothly without problems


Condition Surveys

Survey Association will undertake a comprehensive survey to ascertain the physical condition of the vessel and the effectiveness of the onboard management. If deficiencies are found, the surveyor will provide the Master and/or owners’ representative with a list of items in need of rectification. The surveyor will forward a copy of the list to the customer with his initial report, following which action may be taken by the managers. If repairs are necessary, the managers may require a follow-up survey once they have been completed.
Through the entire process Survey Association will be available for assistance and guidance. First and foremost we are committed to providing services based on integrity, efficiency and high standards that are part of Survey Associations 100 year old heritage.
Typical vessel types for condition surveys would be :


  • Cargo vessels (tankers, Ro-Ro, container, bulk)
  • Passenger vessels
  • Special purpose vessels
  • Yacht/Small Merchant Vessel Surveys
  • Offshore vessels and tugs

On-Hire Surveys / Off-Hire Surveys

Survey Association undertakes On-Hire / Off-Hire Surveys of vessels or marine structures before entering or being redelivered from a charter. The survey report includes a detailed description of a vessel’s cargo spaces/deck areas structural condition, cargo space cleanliness, bunkers on board, listing of the vessel’s statutory certificates, portable securing equipment, etc. The survey also includes bunker stock and should differences arise in a bunker delivery operation, our experienced team has the capability to find the error, if any, or to give out the right figures for third party agreement.

Survey Association is committed to represent our customer’s best interests when hiring a vessel to limit their liability, by ensuring they have the correct information on the condition of the vessel and work required in respect of the Charter Party.

Tailor made survey programs

Detailed inspection programs designed to assist fleet owner’s best interest. In close cooperation and continuous dialogue we develop tailor made surveys focused on specific target areas identified by the owner or through our dedicated analysis tool and detailed market insight. Current customers include Svitzer and Boluda Lines S.A.

Condition surveys & risk evaluation

  • Joint Hull 2013 / 007 A, B, C, D 
  • Dry docking surveys                                               
  • Navigational assessments                                       
  • STS assessments                                                     
  • Office assessments                                               
  • Site Assessments                                                    
  • Pre-entry / Pre-purchase Surveys