Marine Risk Management & Consultancy

The direct cost and consequences of hull and machinery damages are obvious to both the marine insurer and the client.

Risk Management

Survey Association performs Loss Prevention and Risk Management services such as Standard Condition Surveys and Assessment Surveys as well as other surveys, schemes and programmes for risk management and assessment tailored to specific needs.
One of the most important elements to a successful loss prevention process is the ability to address findings and conclusions in a positive and motivating way.  By doing this, we contribute to a dynamic environment of self-improvement initiatives within the marine industry.

We initiate and maintain loss prevention programs with our maritime clients as well as monitoring and following up on the success and outcome of the initiated programs




Survey Association offer a broad range of consultancy services to clients, these includes:

  • Technical assistance to law firms, owners etc.
  • Site evaluation of approaches to harbors/terminals
  • Incident investigations
  • Towage approvals
  • FMEA & DP surveys
  • IMCA inspections