Athena - Survey On Demand

You have a small vessel in a remote location with limited access, with a damage you’re not sure will be below or above the deductible. Will you deploy a marine surveyor? 

Imagine having the assured or their engineer on-site perform a self-survey thereby saving time and money!

Within hours you’ll be in a position to have an initial damage report, which has been through a quality assurance process and review by a professional and qualified marine surveyor.



What is ATHENA?

ATHENA is an App available in App Store and Google Play , which the assured can download. The assured or crew inspector can then offline perform the self-survey and when online again, submit the survey. A marine surveyor will then review the survey and issue a report.
Using ATHENA ensures that critical questions are answered and the reporting is uniform saving time for the review performed by the marine surveyor.






Types of Survey

The ATHENA App will include condition surveys and damage surveys for:

  • IMO vessels
  • non-IMO vessels. 
  • Cargo 

Whatever the damage, Athena has a survey to cover it, be it a fire, grounding, collision, machinery failure, weather or damaged cargo. 


How it works

ATHENA has a comprehensive database behind it. Each self-survey is customized depending on input, meaning only the relevant questions for the survey are asked.

The self-survey will include video, sound and photo uploads giving the marine surveyor a full picture of the vessel’s condition, damage or cargo.


Who will review the self-survey report

Once the self-survey is completed and submitted, all information is reviewed by a professional marine surveyor, who has the required qualifications for the review. A full survey report will then be issued to the client in .pdf format.

The report will include recommendations and warranties for condition surveys, and observations and comments for damage surveys.

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